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"VPR" Vietnam Padel Rating

VPR stands for "Vietnam Padel Rating". In Vietnam we are using our own rating system, based  on an algorithm that calculate points. Our rating is also linked to the FIP rating standards.

"VPR" System

In order to grow Padel in Vietnam, players need a good rating system, which give them their level to compare with each others. It motivates players to improve their rating and try to reach their best potential.

With a good rating system, VPA will be able to build a strong competition program for all, starting from juniors, adults, seniors, as well as women and men. He is a beginner/lower intermediate category player.


This player has no experience and is just starting to play. Lack of coordination and strength. This player generally never play any racket sports before and is a non sport player.


This player is consistent at a low pace. Understand the rules and can do friendly matches. Lack of technical skills. This player as some knowledge of racket sport although he is not practicing one regularly.


This player is consistent at a medium pace, can do matches but lack of technical and tactical skills. This player has some knowledge in some racket sports and start to understand the game. He falls into the beginner/intermediate player category.


This player start to have more control other his shots, can play at a medium pace and start to build confidence. He plays regularly and can play matches in tournaments. He is an intermediate/advanced players.


This player has more control and pace. Usually players who have previous experience in an other racket sports fall into this category, good tennis players usually fall into this category after understanding the rules and the wall.


This player has experience in Padel, start to have good technical skills and manage to construct Padel point with consistency and control. Advanced tennis players easily fall into this category.


This player has good overall technical and tactical skills, understand how to make winner or force errors from his opponent. Start to have solid defence, and capable to attack the balls and find winners.


This player has high experience of the game, is generally physically fit and can compete regularly in tournaments. 


This player is a top player, can compete in national and international competitions.


This is a semi-pro player with a ranking outside of the top 250 in the world.


This is a pro player ranked between 100 and 250 in the world


This is a pro player ranked inside the world's top 100.

An Elo System similar to chess

The Vietnamese Padel Rating system is an Elo system based on a probability of the score. If the better player win it is consider as a normal win which influence the small gain of point, as if the better player loose, it will be calculate as an upset win which result to a bigger amount of point win or lose.

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